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On 17.07.2014

In its june issue, the well-known Dutch horticultural journal  “Onder Glas” ( published an article on the applications of Nutrimite in cucumber.

On 04.07.2014

BIOBEST from Westerlo has been nominated for the ‘Leeuw van de Export 2014’ award. With this annual award Flanders Investment & Trade rewards companies that do exceptionally well on exports. 95% of Biobest’s 2013 turnover was exported, a very compelling figure for the members of the jury.

On 14.05.2014

Biobest and The Bug Factory today announced the intent to proceed with the integration of the operations of The Bug Factory in Biobest’s North-American operations. Under the terms of the Letter of Intent signed between the two companies, Biobest would acquire 100% of the shares of the Bug Factory.

On 09.05.2014

Sebastien Jacob has been appointed R&D Manager for Biobest in North America. Sebastien will play a key role to develop new products and services for the North American market. His efforts can draw on a rich innovation pipeline from Biobest’s global R&D efforts.

On 09.05.2014

With an estimated blueberry area of 12,400 hectares, Chile is the second world blueberry producer. The country is main blueberry exporter in the southern hemisphere. Patagonia foods is a large blueberry grower with 4 production sites on different locations in Chile, with 110 total hectares, 20 in the north and 90 in the south zone of Chile. In 2008 they started using bumblebees as pollinators. Orchards manager Guido Córdoba shares his experience.

On 03.05.2014

Leamington, Canada & Westerlo, Belgium – April 30th, 2014  
After having worked for Biobest Canada/USA for 14 years in the capacity of Managing Director and since 2013 as Commercial Director, North, Central & South America Richard Ward will leave the Company.

On 30.04.2014

Napa Valley, north of San Francisco, is California’s prime wine growing area. Some of the world’s finest wines are grown there. Sustainable crop management practices are part of the quality brand image of Napa valley’s top wineries.

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Biobest supports Little Hearts

Little Hearts is a Belgian non-profit organisation that supports Cambodian orphans. On site in the country, the NGO Little Hearts builds a new orphanage that will provide shelter to 80 orphans from the summer of 2013. In addition to the classic child care, the mission of Little Hearts is to provide, along with shelter and food, an educational programme where computer classes, English lessons and an internal responsibility structure will ensure that the children are best prepared for later life.

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